100% Sausages

We have 4 different vegetable sausages: hotdog, frankfurter, chipolata and bratwurst. Made from field beans and rice, but with the recognizable traditional taste.

Our flavours

  • Hotdog

  • Frankfurter

  • Bratwurst

  • Chipolata


Inspired by traditional international sausage products, we have developed a series of vegan sausages. A lot of attention has been paid to the bite of the product and the taste experience. The sausages fit perfectly in the professional kitchen, but are also ideal for consumption at home. They are easy to prepare on a baking tray, in a pan of hot water, on a grill or simply in a frying pan.

Many vegan sausages are not vegan because chicken protein is used for binding. We have succeeded in making sausages that are similar in appearance, taste and texture to the meat varieties. We only use vegetable ingredients, making our sausages 0% animal.

Go for the full taste of the hotdog or frankfurter, which is smoked on wood, the chipolata sausage that fits perfectly with a breakfast buffet or a delicious bratwurst with a curry sauce.


The sausages are made from field beans and rice.

Tip: combine these sausages with our delicious sauces
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  • “The smoke taste in your hot dog is traditionally real. This is a real German bratwurst”