100% Kebab Skewer

Our kebab skewers are easy to use in a kebab grill. They are available in 5 kg, 10 kg and 15 kg. Traditional in taste!

Our flavours

  • Doner Kebab

  • Gyros

  • Shoarma


The skewer is 100% vegetable-based and soy-based. Just like chicken or veal doner, it is roasted on a vertical grill. This kebab has the characteristic that it has a high protein content and low fat content.

If kebab or shoarma business choose this product, they have a delicious vegan alternative for their customers. Turkish pizzas, kapsalon and sandwiches can be filled with vegetable kebabs. The different kebabs are made on the basis of traditional recipes and therefore taste the same as the original meat product.


The kebab is based on soy from Europe and is GMO free. The product is also gluten free.

Tip: combine this kebab with the specially developed vegan sauces!
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  • ” Your vegan kebab is delicious with your vegan garlic sauce”