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Our products are made from non-genetically modified materials.

  • Kebab Skewer

    We also make kebab skewers in three flavours, which are easy to use in a kebab grill. The skewers are available in 5 kg, 10 kg and 15 kg.

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  • Kebab

    Our kebab is based on soy and has a high vegetable protein content and a low saturated fat content. Pre-cut available in the following flavours: doner kebab, gyros and shawarma.

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  • Satay

    We have 3 different vegetable satay's: Indian, Thai and Japanese. All satays are marinated with traditional Asian herbs and based on wheat and soy.

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  • Sausages

    We have 4 different vegetable sausages: hot dog, frankfurter, chipolata and bratwurst. Made from field beans and rice, but with the recognizable traditional taste.

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