We are Evolution Meats

Our mission is to create delicious, 100% vegetable products with the taste and texture of meat. Everything inspired by international grill traditions.


We started our company early 2018. The three founders from the (traditional) food industry made the move to do it differently. Our goal is to make consumers truly enjoy 100% vegetable meat substitutes. It can be much, much better. We do not necessarily focus on vegetarians or vegans, but on flexitarians. The target group that alternates meat consumption with the consumption of vegetable meat substitutes. Products we make must, without exception, have the highest possible consumer appreciation. The assessment is then about the taste, the appearance, but also the texture. With a complete team of enthusiastic people, we take care of the full development and production of our meat substitutes.


"No Meat. All taste"

We produce delicious meat from plants. Made for mouth watering grills, irresistible to both vegans and meat-lovers.


"Wherever you go, something’s sizzling"

We bring the exotic flavours of grilled meat, from different cultures and corners of the globe, to everyone.

Sustainable & Flexitarian

“The heat without the meat”

We give people the freedom to make greener, more ethical food choices, without restricting their lifestyle.


“Tasty on its own terms”

Our premium meat made from plants delivers full comfort food satisfaction – comfortably free of guilt.



We make enjoying the best vegan meat deliciously simple, whether it’s out of the box and onto your grill, or sizzling hot from the takeaway.


“We know where we come from!”

We 100% guarantee our products are 0% animal. However you eat it, you know exactly where it’s come from.

Production and quality

We make our meat substitutes ourselves. The factory meets the high requirements in the field of certification and food safety. Here we work with our own machines with 100% vegetable raw materials. The factory has the FSSC2000 certificate.

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