• Unovis invests in EVOLUTION MEATS

    The American investment company Unovis Partners, represented in Europe by Kim Odhner, has taken an interest in Evolution Meats. Kim Odhner: “With the amount invested, Evolution Meats has set up its production processes and improved the product portfolio and branding. The company is now ready to enter the international market.” See also this article.


    On the 3th of December at 6:45 PM there is a broadcast of the program BinnensteBuiten in which both our Evolution Kebab and our Satay can be seen. Recordings have been made at Otto’s Doner in The Hague and our chef Armando is preparing the Java Satay in a cooking studio.

  • Introduction of five product groups

    Evolution Meats now has a complete vegan assortment divided into five product groups. The pre-cut and pre-cooked kebabs in the flavours doner, gyros and shawarma.
    The kebab skewers in the flavours doner, gyros and shawarma. The satay products in the flavours Java, Thai and Yakitori. The sausages in the flavours hot dog, frankfurter, bratwurst and chipolata. And finally our vegan sauces. Go to our products page for more information.